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Name is Renata!

<3: DRAMAtical Murder, Rise of the Guardians, Law and Order: SVU, Loveless, and Cats.

(Occasional video games: Ib, The Walking Dead, The Last Of Us, The Wolf Among Us)

(Seasonal loves: South Park Free!, and LoK.

Ruling ships: Elliot/Olivia, Chuck/Lem, Jackrabbit, Kouao...definitely not an exhaustive ship list but these are the top babies.


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friendship necklaces where one says “eat” and the other says “ass”

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where’d you go 

I think about BE’s a lot and how when it fails what if koujaku brings aoba’s body back to his house and watches over him and keeps waiting hoping he’ll come back 
or something!!







such drama. as if they’d been starving for days. :D

such cry babies oh my god

few things in this world make me as happy as this video


"My neighbor’s cat brought her kittens to my house because she knew that I would take care of her better than her real owner."

Photo/caption by ©Angelo Varriano


dane laughing at a joke i told him

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in the midst of all this DRAMA have an appropriate photoset of Mink failing to give a fuck

in light of the fandom YET AGAIN tagging their hate n talkin shit bc of minks debut finally happening in the next episode, i am going to reblog this again


i made a cool sign for my bedroom

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I apologize for putting this post in the tag, but I just want to dispel some misinformation that has been spreading around regarding Re:code.

  • There is no official news that confirms Sly Blue is getting a route or whatsoever. The illustration of Aoba in a Morphine jacket is simply a teaser. There is no confirmation as to whether Sly Blue is getting a route. Additionally, the Morphine Sly Blue sprite that has been going around is not real — it’s just a sprite skillfully edited by a Tumblr user.
  • Re:code is not coming to America. It might get a localization one day, but for now it’s not getting localized or whatsoever. It’s set for release only in Japan.
  • Re:code is for the PS Vita. It’s not for PC or PSP. For those of you who are wondering what Re:code is, it’s basically DMMD ported to the PS Vita with new content. It doesn’t mean it’s getting a new story or remake or whatsoever; it’s just getting a port with new stuffs added in.
  • In case anyone doesn’t know about this, pirated games will not work on Vita, which means if you want to play Re:code, you’ll have to buy a copy of the game.
  • Re:code is not R-18, but it doesn’t mean there will be no BL content.

Please stop making assumptions based on only pictures and treating said assumptions as official news! I advise you look into the source carefully as to not spread any misinformation.


we’ve all had crushes we very strongly regret