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Hold on, Baby we're almost home

Name is Renata!

<3: DRAMAtical Murder, Rise of the Guardians, Law and Order: SVU, Loveless, and Cats.

(Occasional video games: Ib, The Walking Dead, The Last Of Us, The Wolf Among Us)

(Seasonal loves: South Park Free!, and LoK.

Ruling ships: Elliot/Olivia, Chuck/Lem, Jackrabbit, Kouao...definitely not an exhaustive ship list but these are the top babies.



Art by magna-est-veritas

The first picture is a scene depicting her Jackrabbit/Quicksand fic 'Bunny Goes 'A Courtin'

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    This Make Me CRYYY!!!!!! This Fiction is Awesome too!!!!!!
  12. injureddreams said: holy crap..this broke my heart all over again D’: Its so beautiful and heartbreaking. The kiss makes up for the pain :’> ♥